Mar 24
> The Young Vets lost 0-2, The Super Vets lost The Super Vets lost 1-4, with Steve Pickles the goalscorer.
I hope the vets win next week....
Mar 22
> Home Now after four weeks in DVH.
I hope to be home now for a while.
Mar 16
> Seamus and Jackie wedding day.
All the best to the both of you.
Dec 20th 2023
Wish you all a happy Christmas, all the best
I hope you all have a good time....
Dec 17th 2023
Inter Club Game
Super Vets beat Young Vets 4-1....
Oct 15th 2023
Young Vets won 7-2 at home to Greenwich, Super Vets lose 1-8 away to Erith
The Young Vets goalscorer were Jack Stone 3, Nigel Nigel 3, Dale Lawson and Super Vets goalscorer was Donovan....
Oct 8th 2023
Young Vets lost 1-4 away to The Royal Brentstonians, Super Vets lose 1-3 home to Greenwich
The Super Vets goalscorer was Butcher....
Oct 1st 2023
Young Vets had no game Farnborough could not field a side, Super Vets refuse to play Bird In The Hand
Young Vets played The Royal Brentstonians....
Sep 24th 2023
Young Vets won away in the cup 10-2, to Old Colfeians Vets, Super Vets lose to Cuaco at home 2-3
The Super Vets goalscorers were Darren Box and Eric Kong....
Sep 12th 2023
Long Post From Molly xxx....
Long post - but please read and Share! Thank you! Charlie-Joe Charity Cup Game - 3rd September 2023 Final Score - 5-3 to the VETS (Unlucky Supers, theres always next year lads!) Just over a week ago, the Annual Charity Cup Game to raise money for SOBS went ahead and as usual, with massive thanks and appreciation to all who were involved!! I am proud to say, that after a few stressful weeks of organising, the day was a massive success and totally worth it all! So far the total raised is: £1,202.00 - on the day/cash donations/raffle/team subs&fines etc + £1,250.00 - Company donated by Clifford Chance (£250.00 so far, and 4 more quarterly payments of £250.00 moving forward) arranged my the legend that is Jodie Bridle Was Massey! & £270.00 - Just Giving page, which is still open for those who are asking (Link below) So as of today - the total with all included is a massive £2,722.00 💙 First of all, a massive thank you from myself, Karen Coggins & Joe Coggins to all the players, friends and family for all the effort, support and donations yet again this year. We are extremely lucky to have you all beside us supporting this amazing charity in the name of our little man, Charlie-Joe. We couldnt do it without you all and it surely does not go amiss. We are extremely lucky to have our football family by our sides and we love you all massively!!! A few more thank yous to mention: Clive Dando - for always taking lead and being the main man on the day, it wouldnt be what it is without you and we can certainly say there would be far less laughs! Jodie Bridle Was Massey - Not only for organising the donations from her work, but being a massive part in the raffle organising and prizes, and a massive support to myself and keeping me sane through it all! (I know youll die for this, but we love you!) Jay Cotton - for the photography of the game and capturing some absolute beauties of the players! Karen Coggins & Carolyn Rice - for spending hours shopping, cooking and organising the food! Stephen Tibby & Dany - For Raffle Donations Sion Owen & Sam - For all their hard work collecting fines, subs etc not only on Sunday, but throughout the season also! Sean Holland - For hosting the afters at The Lads of the Village pub, the final cup game farewell was one to remember! and Finally... Paul Winchester - For Raffle Donations & being amazing as our Band! Our gorgeous and wonderful Miss Lucy Lastic Marc Cook-West for an amazing and hilarious show in the afternoon! (Hopefully i havent missed anyone out, massive apologies if i have!!) Apologies - a massive thank you to Gemma Pla & Sarah Newsome for their amazing hard work behind the bar! Really did have a mission on their hands & smashed it!!! Honestly, we could never put into words how much you are all appreciated, along with the Lads of the Village Vets & Super Vets, and other players who joined in for the cause, for taking their time to partake in the game in support of SOBS. A massive well done to the VETs team for securing the 5-3 win! Finally, a quick shout out to Jack Kingsman! Absolute legend and hoping a speedy recovery from all! Lots of love and again a massive thank you to all!!! Heres to next year! 💙 Links: Karen Coggins The bar staff were amazing too. Thank you Gemma snd Sarah 💕💕
Sep 9th 2023
Race Night....
Race Night raising funds for the Mayor of Dartford's Charity Appeal 2023/24
Aug 18th 2023
Charlie Joe memorial game...
Charlie-Joe Charity Cup Game - 3rd September 2023 Final Score - 5-3 to the VETS (Unlucky Supers, theres always next year lads!) Just over a week ago, the Annual Charity Cup Game to raise money for SOBS went ahead and as usual, with massive thanks and appreciation to all who were involved!!!
Aug 16th 2023
Charlie Joe memorial game...
Hi guys. Don’t forget our inter club game on the 3rd September. Our Charlie Joe memorial game is a major part of our LOTV family. Please feel free to bring along friends and family to “Celebrate and remember” the sad loss of a young life along with many others who are no longer with us in body but always in our hearts and thoughts. The game is open for anyone to participate and will be followed by drinks and entertainment down the Lads afterwards. This will possibly be our last time down the pub to celebrate this so let’s make it a special day God Bless and thank you in anticipation ⚽️🍺💙💙
Aug 15th 2023
Fixtures 2023/24
Hi guys. I have add some fixtures for the new season (23/24) I will add more fixtures asap, thanks....